Louisiana Towing & Recovery is a family owned and operated roadside recovery and assistance group. From our facilities in New Roads, Grosse Tete and Port Allen, we serve all of South Louisiana. We provide friendly and professional 24-hour towing and roadside assistance. We are known throughout South Louisiana for providing quick and professional response to all types of incidents, major or minor. Being a family owned business, we understand the importance of family and are always courteous. You can always count on us, call (225) 618-5782 for 24-hour service!


    Louisiana Towing & Recovery serves South Louisiana from our facilities in Port Allen, La Grosse and New Roads, LA. As AAA providers, we offer AAA members Battery Service. We meet you, wherever you are, to quickly and safely replace your battery. From storage, towing, recovery, roadside assistance and more. We do a lot, and we always do it right. Call (225) 618-5782 for 24-hour service!
  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance
  • Zips Trucking Equipment
  • AAA Battery Service
  • Mobile Repair Service
  • 24/7 Battery Service and Delivery
  • 24/7 Towing and Recovery
  • Two 24/7 Heavy Duty Wreckers (AKA "The Mule" and "The Bulldog")
  • Our Repair Shop in Port Allen is Under Construction
  • 3 Secured and Monitored Storage Facilities West of Baton Rouge

Call: (255) 618-5782 for 24/7 EMERGENCY ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE


Based out of New Roads, Louisiana, Louisiana Towing and Recovery has been providing friendly service to Louisiana Residents and more! We provide any type of roadside service anywhere, and with our three secure locations we can always guarantee timely and professional service. We are a hands-on company with a hands-on owner, that way we can ensure the best experience for you as possible.

Mission Statement

Here at Louisiana Towing and Recovery we know the dangers and risks of driving the roads, that’s why we are here for you. Whether your vehicle breaks down in the rain, a simple tire change, battery replacement and delivery, wrecks and recovery, or heavy-duty transportation we will guarantee timely and professional service every time. Family owned and operated, we know how important your safety and time is and we look forward to helping you with your commuting and transportation needs. With some of the friendliest and personable members in our family here at Louisiana Towing and Recovery, together we seek to end the fear of poor experiences that you encounter on the road. You have us at your backs. No matter what it is or when it is, give us a call and We Will Hook You Up!


Keon showed up and managed to load our SUV onto the truck despite the narrow uptown street. Her expertise was amazing. She was very friendly and professional. We met her at the dealership and did an after hours drop off of our vehicle. Keon is fantastic!

Great service and especially the driver for making sure that i was safe and did not leave me stranded at the Lafayette airport enterprise. When I was not given another car. The driver was polite and professional. I would recommend your company in the future.